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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bail bond?

Individuals seeking release from custody must obtain a bail bond which is a contract or legal instrument. The bail bond is a contractual link between the defendant, the state and the bail bondsperson.

What is a bails bondsman?

A bondsman is a person that owns a private business in North Carolina. This person must be licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance for the purpose of posting bail for people in jail.

How does a bails bondsman get paid?

The bail bondsperson charges a fee to the individual or someone on his behalf. The fee is regulated by the state and it cannot exceed the 15% maximum.

Can I get the premium back?

In certain cases, the only money given back is the collateral when required by the bondsperson.

When does my liability end?

Your liability is not considered over until the final disposition is entered by the state. Also, there may be any pending appeals.

What is collateral required?

We may request collateral when an individual has limited ties to the area in which he is required to appear in court, or the individual has a history of missing court dates.

What must happen for my collateral to be returned?

In order for your collateral to be returned, we must receive written notification from the court stating that the case is over and the bond is no longer required.

What happens to my collateral once I give it to you?

As a bonds company, we are not allowed to use your collateral for any purpose. The money is placed in a trust or other locations for safekeeping.

Are bounty hunters and bondspersons the same?

No. In the State of North Carolina bounty hunters are not recognized. Bail bondspersons in North Carolina are required to be licensed and therefore have the ability to arrest their own clients. Outside of the state, bails bondspersons are allowed to hire bounty hunters.

What happens when a person can't be located for court? Am I liable?

Agreeing to a bail bond is a bind legal agreement. You are financially responsible for the entire amount of the bond once it is forfeited. Forfeiture occurs when the individual fails to appear in court and they can't be located within a five month period. If this occurs, you are held liable and required to pay the full bond amount on demand.

What is the job description for a bondsperson?

A bail bondsperson is responsible for an arrested individual from the moment they are released on bond until the case is closed. The bails bondsperson gets people out of jail, has to track them until their cases are closed and stay on top of all court dates for all clients.

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